Thank God for Lebron...otherwise South Florida sports would be a complete disaster... When the Miami Heat signed Lebron James, they not only salvaged the dignity of their franchise, they saved our sporting city. If we were to erect a South Florida sports nativity scene, it would be Mickey Arison groveling at the feet of James begging him to sacrifice personal wealth for the well being of the Heat franchise, and the chance to win multiple titles. Were it not for Lebron, we would be left with the Miami Dolphins and their circus-like approach to NFL football, the Miami Marlins, who in year three of their occupation of a new ballpark, come into the season with virtually no sizzle other than watching young players evolve. Kind of like watching a beer can chicken in the oven, knowing it's going to be awhile until dinner is actually served. Then there is the local hockey franchise who, since finally making the playoffs two years ago, have put together back to back el stinkeroos, leaving them bordering on irrelevant once again. So, we say thank you, Lebron for being our personal Lord and Savior. Thank you, King James.