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Defo's Thoughts: NCAA is the Biggest Racket Around?!

Defo's Thoughts:  NCAA is the Biggest Racket Around?!
Posted March 27th, 2014 @ 7:10am
Simply put, it's un-American....... For years one of American sports fans great debates has been to what degree, if at all, college athletes should be paid for their services. The opposition to the concept preaches the value of an education, and the fact that scholarship athletes get a free ride in school while other students are saddled with hefty loan payments that last almost to their graves. But, the idea that the scholarship is just compensation for their contributions to the institution, is as obsolete as the encyclopedia. Collegiate football and basketball have become huge entertainment properties, far exceeding even the wildest imaginings of the founders of interscholastic athletics. What passed for reasonable compensation for the performers that make these windfall porfits possible 60 years ago, is stone aged thinking for what the reality is today. Pay the players their just share. To do anything else is, simply, un-american........

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