You would think the golfing world had come to an end...... We've seen the routine.....Tiger Woods, hopelessly out of contention, somehow is the only golfer getting coverage of his every move on the tube, and while his aberrant behavior is being excused away as competitive fire. The cameras can't cover up the shanks and offline drives that have him, in reality, with no chance to win. TV is desperate for Tiger to be in constant contention for the top spot on the leader board, so much so, that his name often flashes up in the graphics, even if he is 15 shots back midway through the second round. When it was announced he would not play in the Masters due to a minor procedure on his back, you would have thought he had died. 24 hour coverage began on the golf channel where every schmenk chiropracter who got his license from here to Guam had to weigh in. Overkill, you bet. But we all know, the game is dead with Tiger on the shelf