In the immortal words of Mick from Rocky fame, you can't win, Rock........that could be Stephen Ross After much concern that South Florida is no longer in the NFL's loop to be considered as a Super Bowl site, team owner Stephen Ross, whose botched attempt to secure public funding from the crackers in Tallahassee became a source of ridicule, said he would go into his own pocket to make the improvements and put us back on the map again. The generous offer came with one condition, that the county give the club a four million dollar annual tax break that ultimately would come out of the budget for county schools. Turned out to be a massive red flag on the play. Mention schools and depleting already strapped budgets to fund some billionaires sports fantasies, and you may as well suggest that people no longer be allowed to venture outside on sunny days. So Ross finds himself in the cross hairs of yet another public relations dilemna. His seeming act of benevolence being trashed as yet another lust for cash by a greedy owner. The answer logically falls somewhere in the middle ground, but in unveiling this latest plan, it's clear, if you are with the Dolphins of late, you just can't win.