It's time for the cleaning lady to shine...... It's a matter of routine, March Madness rolls around and there are any number of pools available for you to establish your expertise in college basketball, a sport so foreign to the South Florida fan, it would be easier to drum up interest in a cricket event in Morroco than the NCAA title chase. That being said, it never ceases to amaze that the people with seemingly the least sense of what the tournament is all about, somehow manage to be the most brilliant prognosticators of an event that is often as impossible to predict as the direction a Florida jury might take in an obvious criminal trial. Personally, I like the teams that are named after racetracks, like Monmouth and Belmont to be effective, at least in winning those first round games that are often impossible to predict. But, a few simple tips are in order. Stay away from the chalk in the 5 versus 12 games, hit the mute button every time you see Jay Bilis on screen, and gargle with visine on Thursday and Friday, because, if you watch and wager on all the games, you're going to need it.