The tournament is on, but in this town, who cares...... It could have been the subject of the great baseball movie, It Happens Every Spring." Only in South Florida, that would apply to the plight of sportscasters trying to pump up interest in the NCAA Tournament. It's been a futile exercise over the years, because you would be better off talking about details of a colonoscopy than what happens on the college hardwood. Perhaps some of that is due to the modest results achieved by the University of Miami since their return to the collegiate basketball ranks. Yes, there is hope the team will become somewhat of a power under Jim Larranaga, but it is hardly a topic that is at the heartbeat of the South Florida sports fan. Richie Incognito could pass gas and it would draw more conversation than college hoops......but, that's South Florida for you, where the average fan considers March Madness just a minor diversion until the conversation turns full time to the NFL draft