The NBA Finals are here and it has a feeling like its suppsoed to be one-sided... Heat, Heat, and more Heat is what the pundits are shouting.  The San Antonio Spurs the team of the last decade plus is somehow getting forgotten.  Down here we are Miami Heat central, which is totally understandable.  Especially w/ the far and away best player on the planet calling MIA home.  However; the San Antonio Spurs are the model franchise for the league... not the Miami Heat.  The Spurs have won 4 titles and are making their 5th Finals appearrance in the last 15 years.  The Spurs have the original "Big 3".  Plus they have infused youth and experience alike into one cohesive successful unit; returning to the campionship round after a 6 year hiatus.  The Heat are the favorite but that term overwhelming is one that should be tempered, because this is not the youthhful Bucks, the banged up Bulls, or the angry Pacers.  This is the experienced, matured, respectful, and uber talented San Antonio Spurs.  With Tim Duncan still captaining the ship, this team should in no way be taken so easy!