L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Final hero Alec Martinez joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and we asked him how he planned to spend his time with the Cup.... We also got his reaction to L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti dropping an F-bomb during the parade celebration earlier this week

Mohr: “People drink beer out of the cup....and we've seen margaritas in the cup, we saw a guy put a baby in the cup, M&M’s in the cup, but what does Alec Martinez put in the cup?”

Martinez: “I imagine there will be a little champagne, a little beer. Last time at my party, I ate breakfast out of the cup. It was pretty much all of my favorite childhood cereals mixed up. It was pretty gross after sitting there a couple minutes.”

Mohr: “What were the cereals?”

Martinez: “It was a mixture of Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops. Pretty much as much sugar as you can put in one bowl.”


Mohr: “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti dropped an F-Bomb during the celebration at Staples on Monday. Were you surprised by that or were you like 'This guy is awesome!!!?'"

Martinez: “(Laughing) Both....we were sitting at the rally, and it caught us all off guard. I think the guys really enjoyed that. It was pretty funny. I just hope he doesn't get in too much trouble for it.”

Mohr: "You’re from Michigan, but do you vote in LA?"

Martinez: "I'm not, but if I were to vote, he’d definitely have mine."