Former MLB star Dmitri Young joins Jason Smith on Jay Mohr Sports to talk about the laest Hall of Fame class and dropping over 100 pounds from his mighty frame

Smith: “A lot of feared players went into the Hall of Fame yesterday… Did you think some of the guys you played against were just so good for whatever reason?”

Young: “Well I’ve played against all three of them…”

“Tom Glavine…… He was so cerebral on the mound and that guy worked me for years, but I finally hit a home run off him when he was with the New York Mets… I ran the bases like a normal person would and he confronted me after the game asking why I didn’t drop the ‘meat hook’ and I said there’s no way I’m doing anything to you sir.”

“Greg Maddux…. I actually hit a triple against him when I was with the Reds. ... He looked like a nerd out there…As a hitter I would look at him like I was going to beat the stink out of him...But, after “STRIKE THREE!” and you’re walking back to the dugout, you’d look back at him and see that little smirk on his face like “Gotcha!””

“Frank Thomas…..I actually idolized that big man… He is soft spoken and carried a big stick; I love that motto for him. He made it okay for big guys to play and not talk about their weight because he produced at such a superstar level. Hats off to him for doing it the right way.” 


Photo: Getty Images