New York Jets WR Eric Decker joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday, and since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was taking twitter questions, we wanted to know one thing he would ask the Commish.

Mohr: “Today on twitter, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking questions with the hash tag #askcommish. If you could ask Roger Goodell one question, what would it be?”

Decker: “Why we’re still talking about going to eighteen (regular season) games. No way that’s going to happen!”

Mohr: “Don’t you want to go to eighteen games? Don’t you want to shorten the preseason?”

Decker: “No, I don’t think any guys are agreeing doing two more games. A regular season game is totally different from a preseason game. It is a whole different level as far as competitiveness. You put yourself at risk, and I think 16 games is plenty of football.”