Rapper & Actor Ice Cube joined Jay Mohr Sports on a Hip Hop Friday to chat about his new movie "22 Jump Street"......We also touched on Derek Fisher taking over the Knicks and the next Lakers head coach.

Mohr: “Would you have wanted the Lakers to take a run at Derek Fisher?”

Ice Cube: “Not really……He’s cool but, I don’t know what kind of coach he’s going to be. I don’t want a new coach. I want somebody that’s proven. I want Byron Scott. He’s right there and totally qualified. He’s taken a team to the Finals….Am I missing something here?”

Mohr: “If you were alone in an elevator with Mike D’Antoni, what would you say to him?”

Ice Cube: “I don’t blame you for coming off the couch and coaching the Lakers but, you know you really didn’t want to take the (Lakers) job at that time. You had knee surgery and then got an opportunity of a lifetime and jumped at it. But to be honest, he wasn’t ready to take that job.”

Mohr: “You don’t think Mike D’Antoni wanted the Laker job?”

Ice Cube: “I want the Laker job. I’m not crazy…. That’s why he took it, but I’m just saying he wasn’t ready to take it at the time they asked him to take it.”