FOX NFL and college football analyst Joel Klatt joins Jay Mohr Sports to talk about the many QB issues in the NFL preseason this year.

Mohr: "The Rams seem to be confident moving forward with Shaun Hill. Do you think they need a different guy or could Shaun Hill lead them to a 9-7 season?"

Klatt: "I don’t, do you?"

Mohr: "No, I don’t."

Klatt: "Kurt Warner is not walking through those doors. This notion that anyone can step in and play the most important position in football in that division is a fallacy. He's not going to play at a level that’s going to scare Seattle, Arizona or San Francisco. And this is a team that thought they were going to challenge for a playoff spot. Their defense is absolutely loaded and all that was missing was a quarterback that could go out there and really own a game from the pocket. Guys are starters in this league because you believe they can win a football game for you. Guys are backups in this league because you have to fill that roster spot. I know Shaun Hill has been in the league, but he’s not a guy that’s going to command the game from the pocket.. So, unfortunately for St. Louis, I feel like they’re in a really tough spot." 


Photo: Getty Images