Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware joins Jason Smith on Jay Mohr Sports to talk about the recovery from his gruesome injury and his future with the Cardinals.

Ware: “I’ve been through it and I am mentally stronger now then I have ever been in my life.”……“I couldn’t sleep at all (after Paul George’s injury) because everyone was reminding me of what happened. I don’t really even talk to anyone about it. I’ve been past it almost a full year now; and it’s not a conversation that comes up a lot. Friday night (after George’s injury) I had about 300 text messages so I put my phone on silent.”

Smith: “Have you gone back and seen your injury?”

Ware: “I’ve never seen my injury… I told myself when I was done playing, whenever that was, that I was going to look at it, but I don’t have any reason to look at it right now.”

Smith: “What was harder, the physical part of the rehab or the mental part?

Ware: “For me, it was physical. Everyone kept me in good spirits, so mentally I never had a chance to think ‘I never want to play basketball again.” 


Photo: Getty Images