Former LA Clippers & NBA star Marques Johnson joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday after the alleged racial controversial comments from Donald Sterling surfaced and told us why he would have like to have seen the Clippers players do more to protest.

Mohr: "Just wearing black socks and throwing your jerseys in the middle of the court, did that do anything for you in regards to a protest for the LA players?"

Johnson: "It did nothing for me. It's easy for us to sit on the sidelines and say what they should have done but, who would have thought less of this team if they would have said let's postpone this series until the NBA finishes its investigation. Then I bet you it would have been wrapped up a lot quicker than (tomorrow). Maybe call Donald Sterling on the carpet in front of them and demand he speak to the team and give his side of the story. The timing was perfect for them (the Clippers) to make a statement to go down in history in terms of social impact, and from that standpoint I thought it was an opportunity missed."