The Guardians of the Galaxy are here to save our butts from evil in the new Disney/Marvel movie directed by James Gunn and starring Chris Pratt Rated PG-13 opening Friday August 1st 2014.

Well it’s not the usual Marvel characters we’re used to like Iron Man, Captain America or even Thor but they should be as talked about.  Guardians of the Galaxy takes us on the adventures of Star-Lord Peter Quill(Chris Pratt) who is abducted as a boy after the death of his mom.  We catch him like 26 years later and he’s an outlaw scavenging the universe for stuff and getting paid for it.  Unfortunately one of the things he finds is the “ORB” which by the way is also being sought after by the evil Thanos.  This ORB is said to have unlimited power as well as the ability to destroy worlds if anyone can contain it and many have tried and failed.  Along the way Peter comes across some unique species like a talking raccoon Rocket(Bradley Cooper) a waking tree named Groot(Vin Diesel) a green woman Gamora(Zoe Saldana) and a big lug Drax(Dave Bautista)  Together they find a common enemy in Thanos and his middle man Ronan, who are both trying to get the ORB for bad stuff.

Guardians of the Galaxy shines with Chris Pratt, whom I first caught onto in NBC’s Parks and Recreations.  Pratt brings a loose, exciting and funny interpretation for Star-Lord that is well having FUN while still saving the galaxy.  I’m sure many people we’re baffled at first but Pratt rises to the occasion and makes the role his own.  Bradley Cooper also shines as the voice of Rocket, a hybrid raccoon who well let’s just say has a crazy go lucky side to him. Vin Diesel doesn’t have a lot to say as the voice go Groot but he as a lot to say as the character is silent but well deadly.  Zoe Saldana is well sexy and wonderful as Gamora a daughter of Thanos who sets out to get back the Orb for Thanos but makes other plans while trying to compete with Nebula(Karen Gillan) for her Fathers admiration.   Dave Bautista plays Drax who has a score to settle with both Ronan and Thanos but doesn’t quite know the right way to get it done; meeting up with the Guardians could be the best thing that happens to him.  Bautista is the sleeper here and adds a grunt character that learns friendship and compassion before this movie closes. The Walking dead fans will recognize Michael Rooker who played Merle, playing Yondu the leader of the group that abducted peter and does a masterful job in only the way he can, loved it.

Look this is one highly anticipated movie and even I had those expectations walking into the theater to see this.  As the movie started I was disappointed because for some reason I was waiting for something in those expectations that did not materialize but as soon as I relaxed and just watched the movie for what it’s worth I began to have lots of fun.  It’s a swashbuckling movie with lots of laughs, space fun and adventure.  Guardians of the Galaxy will not make you forget the Hulk or Black Widow but starts its own universe to grab you and bring you in.  They’ve already announced a sequel which is set for 2017 and I can’t wait, Guardians of the Galaxy lives up to the greatness that Marvel movies have set and will leave you with a sense of fulfillment and joy that you got your money worth.  Marvel fans can also keep up with the crossover of many outlying characters to keep your mind racing on how they continue to fit in with all the movies.  Please go give the Guardians some of your time because they aim to please and give it their all, if it’s not your cup of tea at least give them E for effort.


John Ramos

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