Just what exactly does it mean anymore...this Heat/Knicks rivalry... There was a time when a Knicks/Heat game would have brought out rabid, salivating fans supporting both teams who would clash head on for weeks in anticipation of the match-up. Fueled by the bitter playoff series, contested in the Alonzo Mourning/Tim Hardaway era of Heat basketball. The thrills and the disappointments of the rivalry still serve as vivid memories for followers of the two clubs. Who can forget the P.J. Brown/Charlie Ward dwarf bowling incident, Patrick Ewing drifting off the bench while a brawl was breaking out. Zo and Larry Johnson throwing punches like they were trading shots with purses with Jeff Van Gundy draped around Alonzo's ankles...the shot by Alan Houston. But all that seems moot now, and even though the Knicks have had success against Miami of late, their irrelevance as a contender has deflated the rivalry to being, sadly, just another meaningless regular season game.