Leave it to this year's New York Knicks to redefine the position of shooting guard... There is certainly no way to condone domestic violence, and there should be even less tolerance for these acts to include threats with firearms. That being said, you have to wonder why a physical in sports these days doesn't just simply give way to players having their heads examined...Witness, Knicks guard Raymond Felton, who now faces felony gun charges in New York after allegedly waving a weapon in the face of his now estranged wife. You just wonder when people in sports will learn. Now facing stiff mandatory sentencing guidelines if convicted, Felton, while not firing the gun, has shot himself in the same foot at Plexico Burress and, in addition to possibly committing a crime, has created yet another big mess for the staggering Knicks and the thug image of today's modern professional athlete. When, if ever, will they learn. Reply Forward