Even if it is broke...you have to have the right fix... As if Roger Goodell and the NFL didn't have enough on its plate, what with the Fins and Richie Incognito, the Hernandez impending murder trial, complaints about the way the Superbowl is allocated and conducted...certainly you would think there are plenty of pressing issues to contend with. But, for some reason, one of the hot topics in the league's offseason is how to correctly implement the extra point. For years, the ball was placed at the two and a team's kicker would trot on the field and routinely boot the ball through. However, of the thousand plus kicks that were attempted last year, only five were missed, making the extra point about as automatic as the sea of cliches you get from the head coach of the losing team, after the game. Real men would demand all teams go for the two point conversion after a touchdown, but that is unlikely to happen. Instead the league is trying to figure out what distance to change the kick to, for the degree of difficulty to be increased. At that point, why not just eliminate it all together and make all td's worth seven points. Of course, that's a dumb idea because it would eliminate the commercial timeout between the td and the so called try...and there's no way that will fly, because it would cost the league money...and that's the one thing the NFL would never want to change!