It's's finally over......the story of the winter olympics in a moment........ You would have to say, it certainly didn't go well for the American's in the Winter Olympic games.....we may have won the Cold War with Russia, but we can't beat them in the cold when it comes to athletics. That is, if you could call what took place in Sochi, sport. Yes, there are the familiar things, like hockey and downhill skiing. But this year's coverage of the winter games, like so many in the past, was oversaturated with ice dancing, curling and events that would be completely foreign to most red blooded Americans. Because we stink in the snow, even creative attempts to declare ourselves the winner of the games fell short as the final medal tallys all favored countries where sub zero temperatures are considered springtime. The good news is, it won't happen again for four more years, and hopefully, your eyes will once again be attracted to at least part of it, and maybe TV host Bob Costas' eyes will have cleared up by then.