MLB needs a Dodger-Red Sox World Series

Its October, in the 20th century you could almost expect to see the Yankees in the Fall Classic. That's when Baseball was called "America's Past Time". No longer can that be said, the NFL and the NBA have taken MLB places Americas Sweetheart.

So MLB has to ask themselves "How do we bring the fans back?". Yankees- Red Sox post-season is a good start to get eyeballs nationally. Now the Yankees (America's number one market) are out. MLB has to be rooting for L.A. and Boston at this point. This could attract national attention even from casual sports fans.

Baseball's worst Nightmare to a marketing standpoint has to be Houston-Milwaukee series. Even with Houston being the third largest market it doesn't garner national attention. It would be a great story for die-hard Baseball fans, but the casuals will just skip the series all together if I had to bet. 

With MLB struggling with star-power, a series between two of the most storied franchises will have to do for now.

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