New Logo for the Fish?

Looks like the Fish will have a new Logo for the 2019 season.

According to the Marlins Network Instagram the new Logo will be rolled out soon. They provided a spring training ticket as well. Apparently this is one of a few Logo options the Marlins are considering. 

The 2012 logo hasn't been embraced by the fan as the Club had hoped, Instead most of the chatter I hear from fans is their desire to return to the Teal & Black as well as to bring back the pinstripe uniforms. 

Even if the new ownership group decides not to go back to the original colors, it is very clear they are trying to distance themselves from the past group. First, cleaning house with most of the familiar names on the club. Second, outlawing the orange uniforms the club wore on occasion.Third, removing the giant eye-soar of a sculpture in center field, and now a Logo change

I might not have supported all of these changes. When it comes to the logo though, I'm in full support.

The Miami Marlin's have not yet confirmed the reports at this time

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