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Most Football fans would probably not be able to know where UAB is and much less what conference.

The University of Alabama of Birmingham rallied two scores down against North Texas in their Homecoming this past weekend. That wasn't the highlight of the game though. The UAB football team was honoring the ill warriors from the Local Children's Hospital. Instead of having their names, they placed the names of these brave children on their jerseys.

After being down two scores, these players found the courage and the bravely of the Children they were honoring and finished the game 27-21 UAB victory. After the Homecoming win the team also gave the jerseys to each of the children they were honoring.

Since the reinstatement of the UAB football team in 2017 they have posted a 14-6 record and are on their way to another bowl game winning their sixth game. UAB may not be their sister school UA when it comes to national recognition but UAB deserved the spotlight this weekend. FULL STORY

Go Blazers.

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