Uber Passenger Fatally Struck By Police Car While Fleeing From Fight

An Uber passenger in California was killed after fleeing from a fight with another passenger. The two individuals got into a physical altercation, forcing the Uber driver to pull over on the highway and call the police.

"One was in the front seat, one was in the back seat. So the guy in the back seat started escalating by starting, like, choking him. They started like punching each other. And then I had to stop because of that," the driver, who identified himself only as Randy, told KABC. "It was crazy. I had to stop because it was distracting my driving."

Once the driver pulled over, one of the passengers jumped out of the car and hopped over the concrete median. As they were running across the highway, they were fatally struck by a police cruiser responding to the fight.

Officials have not identified the victim or the other person involved in the fight, but said that the two people did know each other. It is unclear what sparked the altercation between the two individuals. The driver said he picked them both up in West Hollywood and that they did not appear drunk.

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