Lubie's Law: NFL Overtime is Just Wrong?!

Lubie begrudgingly gives the New England Patriots their due credit for making it back to the Super Bowl for the 3rd season in a row?!  The problem Lubie still has is the fact the NFL Overtime period does not make sure both offenses have a possession.  Yes the rules were changed in recent years; ensuring if the first team to receive the ball in overtime is held to a field goal the other team is given at least one possession.

However, in the NFL these days such an importance is put on the offensive side of the ball many games feature porous defenses.  The AFC Championship was just that, both the Patriots and Chiefs defenses were sub par.  Both offenses were seemingly scoring on every possession.  The fact the Patriots got the ball scored a touchdown, leaving the Chiefs never able to even touch the ball.  This left Lubie feeling a bit confused.



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