Update: Tropical Storm Nestor

Tropical Storm Nestor is starting to lose some of its tropical characteristics as it approaches the coast of Florida, but it's still packing a punch. The National Hurricane Center says Nestor is around 75 miles away from the Florida Panhandle with 50-mile-per-hour-winds. Storm surge warnings are still in effect for most of the gulf coast, north of Tampa.

The storm is expected to move inland over the panhandle this morning and head Northeast toward Georgia. THE National Hurricane Center expects it to weaken and become post-tropical later in the day.

Nestor will likely drop two to four inches of rain across the South this weekend, with isolated areas getting as many as eight inches. There is still a possibility of tornadoes in Northern and Central Florida today, and Georgia and the Carolinas tonight.

Florida Power and Light, Gulf Power and Duke Energy are reporting about 1,500 outages statewide because of the storm.

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