Marlins Man Monday: Leavy Joins Andy In Studio

ICYMI: Andy Slater and Marlins Man Laurence Leavy received some "voluptuous" media coverage this past week. At a Miami Marlins game last week, one frisky fan used her cleavage to "distract the other pitcher." The clip made local news, national headlines and grabbed INTERNATIONAL attention -- with a Korean radio station contacting Marlins Man about the show

Check out the full video here:

CLEARLY, we've got a lot of bases to cover this week! But lucky for us, Marlins Man Laurence Leavy joins us in the 940 WINZ studio this week. You're not going to want to miss this. 

And the fun is just beginning. Marlins Man and Andy Slater will be back at Marlins Park tonight, for a game against the Astros. Leavy says the girls (eight of them!) will not be in the same risque attire tonight, but we'll have to wait and see which assets they don this evening!

Check out the full Marlins Man Monday segment here:

About Marlins Man: Beginning in 2012, Laurence Leavy started gaining attention for his attendance at a number of professional sporting events (not just Marlins games!), always decked out in his bright orange Miami Marlins gear. 

Originally an Atlanta Braves fan, Leavy was first noticed at a 2012 Miami Heat playoff game in which white T-shirts were distributed. Wearing his orange Marlins shirt after attending their game earlier that same day, the white T-shirt was stolen from his seat, causing him to be visible against the rest of the white shirts on television. 

Leavy credits his prominence to the new color scheme introduced first by the Marlins that year. The term Marlins Man was first coined by a park ranger who recognized Leavy near the Golden Gate Bridge!

And although you can find him at many events, don't expect to see him alone! Instead of buying the premiere seats only for himself, he’s using his Facebook account, the Andy Slater Show, and other outlets to "pay it forward" by inviting total strangers — three and four at a time — to join and sit with him at games! The free tickets come with one simple request from Leavy: that those receiving them continue to “pay it forward” by performing some benevolent act of kindness for others in need.

All along the his sports-ridden journey, he will be continue to be joined by strangers-turned-friends.

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