'Dis or Dak?': Which NFL Quarterbacks Aren't as Good as Dak Prescott?

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons

Listen to Colin Cowherd play a new game he’s calling ‘Dis or Dak?’ where he debates which NFL Quarterbacks he believes are a better option than Dak Prescott for the next five years.

Check out the matchups below: (Full Analysis in Video at Bottom of Page)

Would You Rather Have…?

Carson Wentz or Dak? WENTZ – “I think Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes in terms of size, ‘It’, leadership, and arm strength are transitional players.”

Jared Goff or Dak? GOFF – “Outside of Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes, Goff is one of the best deep ball throwers in the league.”

Jimmy Garoppolo or Dak? DAK –“Dak is a better athlete and doesn’t have two injuries.”

Deshaun Watson or Dak? DAK – “I don’t think Deshaun is a great natural thrower and I worry that Watson only plays one way. And that way will put him into harm’s way.

Derek Carr or Dak? DAK – “There is an availability thing, a leadership thing, a toughness thing, and mobility thing, I'm taking Dak."

Lamar Jackson or Dak? DAK – “Everyone has seen Dak two and three times and Dak is still beating people. Lamar has not proven to me that he can beat people multiple times a year. Is Lamar going to be running around in five years?"

Sam Darnold or Dak? DARNOLD: “It’s going to take a couple years, but Darnold is better than Dak.”

Baker Mayfield or Dak? DAK – “Maturity, size, athletic ability? I’m taking Dak. Baker is a way better throw but off-field bad judgement translates to on-field bad judgement. Baker leads the league in picks since he became a starter.”

Ben Roethlisberger or Dak? DAK – “Ben is 37, he’s hurt, and he has declining accuracy issues.”

Matt Ryan or Dak? RYAN – “As a precision thrower and pre-snap, Matt Ryan is on a different level than Dak, and I think Matty just got into his prime.”

“So all told, I would take Wentz, Goff, Darnold, Ryan, Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, and Brady over Dak the next five years.”

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