Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Divisional Round Game in Three Words

Colin Cowherd describes every team's performance in the NFL Divisional Round in just three words.


“They have the fifth-least salary cap space in the league next year. Four years remaining and cap hits with Jared Goff, who had 13 interceptions this year and broke his thumb late in the season. They gotta figure out some things. They gotta get faster at wide receiver, and they’ve gotta get Jared Goff his confidence back. Quarterbacks who are losing confidence who are expensive get people fired.”

Packers: A WELCOME ‘MAT’

“16-2 at home now with Matt LaFleur, best in the NFL, and 28-7 overall. They didn’t have a turnover against the Rams so this offensive system carved by Matt LaFleur had 11 total turnovers all year, the fewest in the NFL this year. It is efficient, it is multiple, 71 plays with Matt LaFleur had motion, and at this point, they look like the best team left.”


“Four touchdowns and seven giveaways in four playoff games. He found himself in a lot of 2nd and 15’s, and 3rd 9’s. Third straight season where Lamar and the Ravens had their season-low in points in a playoff game. You’re facing better defenders and you’re facing better coaches. I would also like to add that they’ve got to get better wide receivers. It is the team’s weakness.”

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