Colin Cowherd Tells You Which NFL Teams Should Draft a 1st Round QB

Colin Cowherd Tells You Which NFL Teams Should Draft a First Round Quarterback

Jaguars – To QB Or Not to QB?

“To QB. You got Urban Meyer, he’s dealt with Alex Smith, he worked with Cam Newton at Florida, he’s dealt with Joe Burrow at Ohio State, he was very good with Tebow, and he knows the young quarterback game and has been great with it. This is a perfect fit for him. Urban Meyer more than anything is known for taking quarterbacks and developing them for the next level. It’s a great fit.”

Jets – To QB or Not to QB?

“I would ‘QB’. Robert Saleh is the new head coach and the reality here is that you want a fresh start. I think Sam Darnold needs a fresh start, and I think Joe Douglas wants his own guy. It may be a Deshaun Watson over a Justin Fields move, and we know Saleh and Deshaun Watson are fans of each other. If I ran the Jets right now, and this is no shot, I’ve given Sam a couple of coaches, and probably not going to give him a third. According to reports, you can get a second-round pick for Sam Darnold. I’d probably move on."

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